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The Correspondences of Jack Londinium, and other episodes from the history of Occulted Vectors. Part I: Getting Away from God

The following was received by email a few days after the publication of Vistas of the Qliphoth. The author has remained anonymous.
I have read your Londinium post. I’m not sure what has happened to Jack, who I did know well back then. I say ‘well,’ no one really knew Jack, not even his real name. He was one of those people who just walked in and out of the scene, and your life, causally and without any discernible point of origin. You know the name of the journal, Occulted Vectors, was his idea? I think he was describing himself, or how he viewed himself.
The O.V. with Wyverns Rampant
Leonard Kessen, 1985; official logo 
for the publication Occulted Vectors
Anyway, I notice that you’re interested in Hazyard. Although that wasn’t a name you heard often in magickal circles then (or now), he was an interest of Jack’s. This is a letter he sent to me back in ’91, when things were starting to go funny for him. I don’t suppose he’ll mind my sharing it with you, I doubt he even remembers writing it (he was doing a lot of drugs back then, and I mean a lot), and seeing that he might very well be dead now, I can’t see what harm would come from you posting it on your blog.’
We, those behind this Project, have started to accumulate ephemera related to Londinium and his associates specifically, as well as general material related to Hazyard’s theories. Please contact us if you have any material that you would like to share with us.
Hazyard was an anti-Saint. He shows us the way away from God, even if he didn’t do it knowingly. Hazyard’s Praeterlimina, that’s where it’s at. God cannot extend into it, as he is the creator, and the Praeterlimina is the uncreated, it is always out of his reach. What a fantastic idea! What a fantastic image! Hazyard is pre-empting Heidegger by centuries here, with his great forests of the concealed surrounding the tiny, bare patch of the revealed, and yet barely a handful of people these days know who he was or what his ideas were. A pity, seeing that his cosmology provides us with a very consistent explanation for a plethora of widely reported supernatural phenomena, and you don’t even need to do Gematria to make it work…
Kenneth Grant, occultist and author in whose
Typhonian Trilogies (1972-1994) the 'Tunnels
of Set' were first conceived.
We can enter into the Praeterlimina, or have a relationship, or whatever, simply by grace of our so-called ‘fallen state’, because of the Original Sin, the Abyss on the Tree [of Life, referring to the gap between manifest existence and the Supernal Triad of the Godhead]. It isn’t a failing, though, it is quite the opposite, it is our liberation. It is what cuts us off from the Godhead, allows us to ‘cut our own way through the jungle,’ to paraphrase Crowley. We can leave the boundaries of creation, and interact with what lies outside of it, while he can’t. Imagine how frustrating it is for him, being unable to venture there when we can. That probably explains a lot of the Old Testament, doesn’t it? All those vicious laws, the violence and obsessive purity of it all: God is jealous of us, he hates us more than he loves us. The Praeterlimina, and Praeterliminal magick, could be a way out of it, out of all of it.
You know me, [name redacted], I hate all the moralising of Old Aeon magick. What Ken [Kenneth Grant] has done, opening up the Tunnels of Set, his work with the Qliphoth, that’s been a brilliant move, though we both know how nuts that stuff can get (as if that’s a bad thing!). Hazyard’s writings are more or less unexplored in post-Crowley magickal practice, and that’s something we should try and change. [Name redacted] hasn’t been that keen on it, when I’ve raised the idea at the Oasis [a small, local body of the Ordo Templi Orientis], but I’m anticipating greater success up north with the Chaos magickians- couple of pints down them, they’re game for anything. I’m hesitant about contacting Ken about this, he’s doing his own stuff, and I want to make this our own thing as much as possible. I’ll go into greater detail when I see you next month, but I’ve performed a few experiments with interesting results already. This could be something big.

 Jack L.  

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